Frequently Asked Questions

What is Caesars Windsor Supplier Business Opportunities?
Caesars Windsor Supplier Business Opportunities (SBO) is Caesar's Windsor internet based procurement system. Caesars Windsor SBO provides the means to publish competitions via the internet to potential bidders, providing equal access to competition information and allows suppliers to submit quotations and proposals electronically. In addition, the system allows suppliers to obtain competition results online once the due date and time for competition submission has passed.

What if I forgot my Username?
Email your Caesars Windsor Procurement contact and you will receive an email with your Username.

What if I forgot my Password?
If you cannot remember your password you will have to reset it. You can do this by following the prompts for "Forgot your password?" on the Caesars Windsor SBO homepage.

How can we set up the business profile so that multiple email recipients receive communications from Caesars Windsor SBO?
Caesars Windsor SBO allows for only one account to receive notifications. The primary email provided by the supplier is the email that the system uses to notify your company of competition opportunities and awarded items. This is the same email where the purchase order will be sent with the awarded items.

What if someone with an account leaves my company?
Please contact your Caesars Windsor Procurement contact.

Who do I contact if I have questions concerning a competition?
Each competition request under the General Info tab, includes the Procurement Contact name, email address and the contact phone number of the competition initiator.

Can we submit alternate items as part of our response?
You may be able to submit an alternate item but not always. Read all of the documentation attached to the competition before beginning to create any responses.

How do I upload documents to my online response (Quote)?
On the Items tab of the competition, select the Upload Attachment button. Select the Choose File button to search through your computer to find a file you would like to upload to your Quote. Select the file and click Open to have the file attached to your Quote. You may add a description to your file.

What if I have exceptions to the Terms and Conditions of the competition?
This website ("Site"), and any service provided by Caesars Windsor are offered to the supplier, subject to your acceptance, without modification, of these Terms and Conditions of Use. By clicking on the "Accept" button at bottom of the Terms and Conditions of Use, you indicate your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use, please click on the "Do Not Accept" button and you will not be able to submit a quotation.

How long to I have to respond to a competition?
All competitions will include a Closing Date and time under the Dates tab. The Dates tab also includes the Issue Date (Posted), Questions Due Date, Closing Date, Closing Time and Site Visit Date (if applicable), listing the Site Visit date and time, the location of the Site Visit , the Contact Person, the RSVP Email and RSVP date.

How will I know when my company receives a competition invitation?
The primary email you provided for your company will receive an email notification titled "Invitation - Caesars Windsor Supplier Business Opportunities" which lists your supplier name, the Competition Number, and a Description of the competition. The email will provide a link to the Caesars Windsor SBO site.

How should I respond to a competition if I am not interested?
When you log into the Caesars Windsor SBO site, click on the Submit/Intend to Submit tab and then select Decline to Submit and provide the reason you are declining to submit.

I received an email regarding a Change Summary. How do I find out what the change is?
When you log into the Caesars Windsor SBO site, click on the Change Summary tab and all of the details will be listed.

How do I know our online response (Quote) has been submitted?
When viewing the Submit/Intend to Submit tab, your Current Status will be listed. The Submitted status is the only status that confirms your quote was submitted. The other Current Status options are Invited, Intend to Submit, In Progress, Decline and Submitted.

How do I add a contact person from my company to attend a site visit?
On the home page of the Caesars Windsor SBO site, after you sign in, click on "Edit Supplier Contacts" and add your contact person.

What happens if I can't get my submission in on time?
Submissions must be submitted by the competition closing date and time. You will not be able to submit after this time. All submissions are locked by the system until the deadline has passed and then are released to be opened at the same time to ensure a fair process. Suppliers still have the ability to amend their submissions until the deadline. Extension requests must be submitted by email before the questions due date and a response will be forwarded by a Change Summary email.

How do I know if I have been awarded items?
An email will be sent titled Awarded Items. When you log into the Caesars Windsor SBO system after receiving this email, any awarded items will be listed under the Awarded Items tab. If you do not see the Awarded Items tab then you were not awarded any items for the competition.